Personal Wine Shopper

Looking for the right wine for your dinner? Want to travel tasting wine?
Personal Wine Shopper is at your service!

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A Personal Wine Shopper is a professional who guides you in your curiosity about wine. You will discover your taste, the wines that best fit your palate and your occasions, you will be protagonist of exclusive wine events, created just for you. You will learn as much as you want, or you will just have a great time.

Wine is lived, not learned. So make a new friend, choose a Personal Wine Shopper to surprise all your guests and throw for them a private wine tasting in your living room. Amaze them with a wine night experiencing the scents of red and white wines. Get them excited with a beautiful selection of sparkling wines. Get them back in time with some aged Chianti. And learn also some Italian, with an Italian native wine expert.

Discover Italy and its delicious wines by coming to this wonderful country: your Personal Wine Shopper will accompany you, sip by sip, in a wonderful journey in the taste.

Don’t be shy! It isn’t important to have technical knowledge: the beauty stays in learning through rich experiences, interesting meetings and discoveries.
The advantage of this personal consultant is the possibility to find the most suitable labels for private wine cellars starting from the tastes of the customers in relation with their styles of life.

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