Tailormade Wine Experiences

Our goal is to give you the best
tailormade wine experiences you’ve ever dreamt of.

Tailormade wine experience


Tell me about your taste, your eating habits and your particular requests: I need to know you to find the selection that best suits you.
Once we began our knowledge, consider me as the expert who shares her culture, the professional always looking for the right product for you. But, most important, consider me a bit as a “friend” whose advice is always appreciated.
Since everything is custom-made for you, contact me for more information. In the meantime you can also download and read the frequently asked questions (FAQ) and check our blog to find out more.

Some examples of our tailormade wine experiences:

– Personal wine shopper
– Wine consulting for corporate events, weddings, special occasions
– Wine consulting for private cellars
– Tailormade wine experiences
– Tailored gourmet experiences
– Multi-sensory experience mixing wine, food, nature, art, wellness, sports, etc…
– Wine party planning (wedding in the winery or in the vineyards, events, business meetings)
– Wine clubs, private guided tasting
– Cooking classes

Learn more out our tailormade wine experiences, contact us!

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