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Food and wine tours

In Italy, and Tuscany in particular, food and wine are essential elements in our lives: they are part of the tradition and culture that each family lovingly preserves.
I will guide you on an amazing journey of taste, starting with the basis: the production. Knowing every single ingredient, you will enjoy even more intensely the typical Italian food: Ribollita, Pappa al Pomodoro, Caciucco, Bistecca alla Fiorentina, Cinghiale in umido, prosciutto, salame, Cantucci.
Each season has its own magic: you’ll enjoy the most of every season respecting the rhythm of nature, the ecology and the local communities.

In our Italian Food experiences, you will:

– Meet enthusiastic breeders of Chianina cows and Cinta Senese pigs and eat with them steaks and sausages;
– Get to know our friend Paolo Parisi, the King of Eggs
– Visit honey and cheese producers
– Mix and bake bread
– Be able to harvest the grapes (if you want to really “get into” and you come in September)
– See the olives milling and taste “olio novo” in November
– Pick mushrooms or look for precious truffles in the winter

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Personal Wine Shopper is not a tour operator. We work in collaboration with many tour operators in Italy that will support you in creating your holiday.

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