This is me: Paola Pavan

“There are only two things that I can’t resist to buy: books and wine.
Wine is lived, not learned”

Hi! I’m Paola Pavan
100% Venetian, I was born in June 14th, 1981 with the genes of my paternal grandfather who was a sailorman and of my mothers’ grandad who was grower. I think they were the ones to lead me where I am now: working in the wine, travelling around the world, always staying close to water.
I live in New York for a choice of heart: the city keeps me alive and luckily there is the big blue to relax me when I need (NYC is so demanding!). Here I found the right person I can share this beauty with.

In New York I live wine, I talk about wine and I share with people a more healthy attitude towards life and food. But the fun increases when I am in Italy: I know many winemakers and I can take my wine friends from all over the world to live unique experiences and get to find the wines that best suits their lifestyle.

I learn every day, sip by sip. And I’m happy.
And who knows, sooner or later, I will go back to Italy permanently and become a vigneron in the front row …

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Post Author: Paola