Tua Rita: a family winery worth 100 Points!

Tua Rita is a family winery in Suvereto (Tuscany) whose wine Redigaffi is world famous.
They produce wonderful wines with love, blessed by a perfect terroir

I knew Tua Rita before coming to live in Tuscany. His Redigaffi, a 100% Merlot, got for its 2000 vintage the “top score” 100 by Robert Parker, one of the most important wine journalist in US. But knowing about one wine is not enough, expecially when you talk about Tua Rita!

Tua Rita - vineyards - Suvereto - Tuscany

Rita Tua and Virgilio Bisti purchased the estate in Suvereto (Tuscany) in 1984. It is the beginning of a family story: a couple with children (and now grand-children) choosing that estate as place for the retirement where they would have liked to spend time by cultivating the land , their great passion.
Loving wine, they decided to plant Merlot and Carbernet Sauvignon: it was a good pick as their first “creature” Giusto di Notri, born in 1992, was instantly a success! It rappresented “Tuscanity”.

Tua Rita - Barrells - Suvereto - Tuscany

The first time I went to Tua Rita, it was thanks to my friend Anna, who came there from Veneto to a wine events with many different cellars. It was a bless: I could see her (as I don’t live anymore near Verona, it was 2 years I haven’t seen her!) and I could have a look at that important winery.
I returned to Tua Rita again to make a complete visit and meet Stefano Frascolla, Rita’s son-in-law, manager of the winery. He is very clever and knows a lot about wine. I admire him a lot in his style of managing this winery.
He told me about Redigaffi and about the fact that quality is the main focus for them.
What I understood is that having a wine 100-points is not easy to handle sometimes… But I saw that the family chose the right way to go on in their business: they decided to keep the business familiar and to invest in the quality also working with a top winemaker.

Tua Rita - Suvereto - Tuscany - Wine tasting room

The tasting was wonderful. Roberta, the sales manager, took me in the tasting room: she show me the kitchen before telling that they like to host events and in that occasion it’s Rita who cooks for everybody and she is so good!
The tasting room is like a living room, I felt like at home.

Tua Rita - Wine Bottles - Tuscany - Suvereto

Tua Rita has a nice selection: 2 whites and 5 reds.

The Whites have really particular blends, not “exactly” Tuscan! Perlato del Bosco Bianco is a fresh wine compose by Trebbiano, Ansonica and Vermetino.
Lodano on the other side stays a little in oak barrels and it’s a blend of Traminer Riesling and Chardonnay.

Starting from the youngest in term of ageing, the first red wine is Rosso di Notri – Sangiovese,Merlot, Syrah, Cabernet – just steel for Sangiovese and 3 months in barrels for the others. The second is Perlato del Bosco Rosso – Sangiovese and Cabernet Sauvignon -12 months in barriques.

Then the top 3: Giusto di Notri, Syrah and Redigaffi.
Giusto di Notri is a true Bordeau style: Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc, 18 months in barrique. Syrah is a monovarietal that stay 20 months in barrels. Redigaffi is 100% Merlot , 18 months ageing.

After such an enjoyable tasting, there’s only one thing I can ask is: When can I come again?
Contact me if you want to taste these wonderful wines at paola@personalwineshopper.com

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