La Mercareccia: wine as blood in his veins

La Mercareccia, his estate, is a little jewel: his vineyards are his sweet retirement.

He is amazing.  Fabrizio Zanfi was a businessmen, a traveller, selling his ceramic tiles all over the world.

Fabrizio Zanfi - la mercareccia - Casale Marittimo - Tuscany - Italy

His previous life was in Modena where his company was located. Now he lives half there, half in Casale Marittimo, on the Tuscan Coast where he grows Sangiovese, Ciliegiolo (2 of the most typical Tuscan grapes) and Syrah (just to keep something international) in a lovely small estate (only 3 hectares) facing the sea called La Mercareccia.
His life as vigneron (yes, he is) begun not many years ago, but something told me that the wine was already pumping in his blood as his passion is so high.
In the period I was living around Bolgheri, I had the chance to spend some nice evenings with him, tasting his wines and some champagnes. No doubts, he has great taste and he knows how to enjoy life!
For the moment he doesn’t have his own cellar: he is so focused on the soil, on the agronomic and vinicultural aspects.
And maybe he wants to experience step by step this new adventure: he already produced something in the past and, as a good entrepreneur, he knows that everything needs its time to be realized.
Actually, at the beginning of his wine production, he made a big innovate step releasing only half-liter bottles with the label engraved on the glass. I was amazed, that’s how we met: I saw them in my favorite restaurant La Carabaccia and I called him to talk about his packaging.
To me that size was perfect: the right treat for 2 persons…
I was sorry when, the following year, he told me that he would have started to produce the 750 ml bottles, following what the market was asking him..
Here’s how the old packaging was…

colpo di fulmine old packaging

He is a great person and he founded La Mercareccia just few years ago: I am sure he will be successful.
One thing he is still remaining pure: all his farming, from the grapes to the olives, is organic.
For the wine geeks, it’s interesting to know that all Fabrizio’s wines ferment spontaneously with no added yeasts. It’s a brave winemaking choice: no added yeasts means allowing the nature to offer all her power and to use only the potentials of the grapes. Grapes have in fact some natural yeasts on their skins that will cause the fermentation. I found it a really “romantic” way of believing that nature will always provide us the best.
Here’s what Nature and Fabrizio’s caring attentions offer to us: his 4 wines!


Colpodifulmine: Literary it means “lightning strike” or metaphorically “love at first sight”. It’s one of the first wine produced by Fabrizio. It’s 100% Syrah, sensual and warm at the nose and the palate: notes of red fruits are spiced up with the Asian and Mediterranean herbs.

Cuor di Leone - La Mercareccia

Cuordileone: With the same appellative as King Richard the Lionheart, this wine is a blend of Sangiovese, Ciliegioso and Syrah.
What is the best in this wine? Delicious mature red fruits and a perfectly balanced acidity.


Stravento: this name is also a word relating to sailing, “vento” means “wind”. Stravento means “with an opposite wind”. This wine is pure Sangiovese, a tribute to Tuscany, in an area where instead most of the wines are made with international varietals. Bright nose of laurel and Mediterranean herbs: I can really smell the sea here!


Drago: It’s the most recent wine from La Mercareccia. The Ciliegiolo grape gets its name from Ciliegia, cherry in english. It is often used in wine blends to help the Sangiovese giving him more color and scents. Drago is an explosion of black fruits surrounded by notes of violet and liquorice. This is the new release of the winery, the last wine to be produced: a good start that makes me curious to see where it will arrive.

La Mercareccia is located in via Pereta in Casale Marittimo (PI), Tuscany.
Fabrizio will welcome you with his friendly smile. Shoot me an e-mail at if you want to join me in this friendship.

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