There’s a gate in Via Bolgherese where everybody stops to take a picture.. It is like when you go to Beverly Hills to see your favorite celebrity’s house.
There’s a gate in Via Bolgherese which keep reserved the “secrets” of one of the most well known winery in the world.
The fist time I entered that gate (yes, I had the honor to pass it at least 3 times), it was a sunny day of August, right before the harvest to go and meet the general manager and agromist of this headstone in the Italian wine scene: Ornellaia.
Mr Raspini was used to attend some conferences in the Bolgheri wine consortium so I was, at the time, as I was working for a local winery.
He surprised me with an invitation to visit the estate, and I didn’t miss that opportunity.
The amazing thing about that gate is that it brings you in a wonderful scenario of organized 50-cm-tall vines running all around, rising on the gentle hill.
He was waiting for me by the offices and at the beginning I was a little worried not seeing any building around. A sign told me the way.
Driving on the hill in the middle of the vineyards reminded me of what Bernini wanted to do with his collonnato in Vaticano in Rome: arising the … To amaze you when you get in front of Saint Peter’s Basilica.
The view was preparing me to arrive at the cellar, willing to know more about the wines and, most appealing, to taste them!
The … Didn’t ruin my expectations: a circular structure with the offices on the ground floor and a spiral path that follows the wine making phases. 1 floor the pressing and the first fermentation take place. I don’t even have to say with how much attention, care and love they work, starting of course from a maniacal cure of the grapes still on the plants.
Going down another floor they got in front of the aging room, with many small French oak barrels. Scenographically closed.
They say it is to keep constant the temperature but everybody can imagine that avoiding to people to reach the wine increase the exclusivity of the wine. The wine that is sold in the most important auctions in the world, the wine that won all the most … Award in the wine sector: Masseto!
The wine that I unfortunately had not the chance to taste…but I wasn’t upset about, as it can cost more than €400.. And also because nobody else in a paid visit of the winery can enjoy it..
I did have the chance of a still amazing tasting with Le Serre Nuove and Ornellaia.

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