Grape against viruses

red grapes

I am in the company of a bad cold … and you?

Console ourselves with a scientific curiosity from the network:
“Resveratrol, a substance particularly abundant in the skin of grapes, has been shown capable of” arming” the body against flu viruses. But not only the substance also protects cardiovascular, cerebral and anti-tumor activity. Specifically, the molecule exerts a cardiovascular protection because it inhibits platelet aggregation, proliferation of smooth muscle cells, the oxidation of “bad” cholesterol LDL and reduces the synthesis of certain lipids and molecules that promote inflammation and atherosclerosis. This substance , moreover, protects the brain and, according to some studies, would play also a shield effect against Alzheimer’s. Resveratrol, finally, is able to inhibit some cellular events associated with the onset, but also the progression of cancer”.

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Post Author: Paola